Photo: Jan Windszus

What do I do if I no longer do what I used to do?

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Lamplighter, cartwright or poster painter – many professions no longer exist today. Instead, we now have mechatronic technicians, media designers, happiness officers or clickworkers. Work and professional fields have changed over time – and are continuing to change at an ever faster pace.



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  • Duration:2 hours

Photo: Jan Windszus

Developments such as automation, digitalisation and demographic change have increased the number of people and working environments undergoing transformation more than ever before. To those affected, such changes in the workplace are often painful. However, along with their many challenges, they also bring with them many opportunities. How is the labour market changing? Where are we headed? How can we keep ourselves fit for the future in the workplace? How can we qualify and educate ourselves further? And how can our choice of career help bring us to the future we would really like to have? Together we will look into these and many other questions concerning the future world of work.


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