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Future for everyone


Welcome to Futurium! On this page, you will find all information regarding our almost fully accessible house of futures, the disabled-friendliness of which is to be further improved over time. We wish to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Please contact us via the Visitor Service or at the information desk. We will gladly prepare your visit together with you, and look forward to your feedback.

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Access to Futurium

The best way to reach Futurium is via the street Kapelle-Ufer. The easily accessible main entrance faces the street. The entrance area features a tactile paving system to lead you into the building. From the north side, Futurium can also be accessed via Margarete-Steffin-Straße. This side of the building is equipped with a railing that leads into Futurium.

How to find us

If you are coming by public transport, please take S-Bahn 3, 5, 7 or 9 to Hauptbahnhof (Berlin’s central station). The station has lifts and a tactile guidance system. You can also come by tram (M5, M8 and M10) and get off at the stop Hauptbahnhof. Access to, and exit from, the trams is via platforms. Futurium is about 350 metres away from Hauptbahnhof’s Washingtonplatz exit. If you get off at the Invalidenpark bus and tram stop, Futurium’s north entrance is 750 metres away. You are advised to use the public transport BVG website to check your own individual journey for accessibility.

Parking spaces

For persons with disabilities, parking spaces are available on Alexanderufer. Please contact us if you wish to use them. Cars and buses can also stop at Alexanderufer. The Futurium entrance is only a few metres away.

At Futurium


In the foyer, a tactile paving system leads from the entrance to the information desk. Here you can borrow small chairs, as well as wheelchairs and wheeled walkers. The lockers in the foyer have Braille lettering and are easily accessible for wheelchair users.

The tactile floor guidance system helps orientation in the foyer and leads from the entrances to the information counter.

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The exhibition of the future is accessible by lift on Level 1. The lift can be accessed on the ground floor next to the information desk. Admission is free.

Futurium Lab

The Futurium Lab in the basement is accessible by lift. The lift can be accessed on the ground floor opposite the entrance.

Event rooms

Our event rooms ‘Forum’ and ‘Studio’ are located on the ground floor and can also be reached via the easily accessible entrance. A wheelchair lift can be used to enable access to a stage platform. It is operated by trained Futurium staff, has a maximum lifting height of one meter and a maximum lifting weight of 300 kilograms. Prior registration is required in order to use the wheelchair lift. Our ‘Skywalk’ is located on the roof and is accessible by lift. It takes you once around the whole roof.


The lavatories are located on the ground floor of Futurium.

The low-barrier toilets can be found on the ground floor of the Futurium.

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Special equipment available to borrow

Small chairs, wheelchairs and wheeled walkers are available to borrow at the information desk in the foyer. Copies of a portable tactile orientation map are also to be found there.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed throughout the Futurium building.


You can keep your medication bag by your side throughout the building.

People with reduced mobility

The easily accessible main entrance is only a few metres away from the street Alexanderufer. Within Futurium, a lift leads from the foyer to the exhibition on the upper floor and to the lab on the basement floor. The range of formats offered in the Futurium Lab –workshops, guided tours, Open Lab Evenings and Open Lab Weekends – are suitable for wheelchair users. At many points in the exhibition, seats are available for visitors to take a break. Small chairs, wheelchairs and wheeled walkers are available to borrow at the information desk in the foyer.

Visually impaired people

Assistance dogs and white canes are allowed throughout the Futurium building. For events that require participants to move around, we can provide assistance. The blind and those with visual impairments can inform themselves about the topics and layout of the exhibition at a tactile overview table, and also by means of text in larger type and Braille. The blind and those with visual impairments need to be accompanied through the exhibition.

Tactile tables give an overview of the exhibition.

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People with hearing impairments

On screens in the foyer, Futurium is presented in a short video in German sign language. At selected events, interpreters will translate language and music into sign language. You can find out for which events this service is provided on our events page and in the opening programme. For visitors with hearing impairments, permanently installed induction loops with audio and sound are available at every point in the exhibition and at events. They are signposted with the appropriate symbol. The configuration of the induction loops has been set at a fixed level. An appropriate hearing aid or headset with this function is required to adjust the volume. Please approach us directly at Futurium if you have any questions regarding the system. Registration is not required to use it.

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People with learning difficulties

Our school workshops and drop-in formats at weekends are also suitable for people with learning difficulties. Information on the accessibility of our workshops can be found on the corresponding page listing what we have to offer.