Lively Forum of the Future

Futurium is open again. To visit, you currently need to book an appointment online and wear an FFP2 mask. All regulations can be found here.

TRANSIT on the forecourt of Futurium is a narrative space by artist Mona el Gammal and her team. Info and tickets are available here.

Digitally, of course, we are still there for you. You can find our digital events here. Or visit us on our social channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


The forum is the events area of Futurium. Through our events we give an impetus to getting discussions going with you about ways forward into a liveable future. At the centre of the programme lies Futurium’s guiding question, namely: “How do we want to live in the future?”

Everyone is welcome! Here you can have new experiences, get into conversations, and explore ways we can shape the future. These activities themselves happen in different ways – sometimes active, sometimes silent, sometimes noisy. The programme offers lots of participative formats to get you involved. It conveys in a tangible form the essence of topics from the field of science. And at those points where other formats reach their limits, the artistic engagement with future themes enables new approaches.

The forum is the place where people who wouldn’t normally encounter each other can get into conversation. It is also the place where a variety of possible answers, as well as different blueprints for the future, coexist.

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