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Press Release 30 March 2023

Futurium: New Event Series “Dating Democracy” and Fictional Audio Expedition

Following the launch weekend at Futurium for the new thematic focus “Futures of Democracy”, the theme’s accompanying programme can now begin. Highlights of the programme will include the new discussion series “Dating Democracy” and a fictional audio expedition through the government quarter.

Dating Democracy
Going on a date with tomorrow’s democracy

On 27 April, we’ll be launching our new discussion series “Dating Democracy”, as part of which panellists and members of the audience will be exploring tomorrow’s democracy together. It won’t just be a matter of heavy talks about the crises we’re facing. The main goal is to think about what democracy should look like in the future and what needs to be done to make it happen.

Mission Possible 2046
A fictional and interactive audio expedition into the future

Starting 1 April 2023, Futurium visitors will have the opportunity to embark on a fictional audio expedition to the original sites of our current democracy and immerse themselves in a possible future via headphones – a time machine will be sending them off to the year 2046. On a walk through the government quarter, they can try out democratic innovations, such as participation by lottery or veto rights for future generations. The audio expedition starts and ends at Futurium and takes participants on a journey through the surrounding government quarter. It’s available in both English and German.

Interactive Think and Participation Lab Followed by a Fishbowl Conversation with LOSLAND

On 20 April 2023, a joint event with LOSLAND will be exploring the possibility of a sustainable democracy enabled by municipal civic involvement. Through real-world examples, participants will be invited to consider how civic involvement works – or might work. Following a video greeting by Bärbel Bas, President of the German Bundestag, the subsequent fishbowl conversation featuring Dr Silke Albin (head of the science and external relations department at the German Bundestag), Professor Dr Patrizia Nanz (participation expert and head of the “Laboratory for Participatory Administration” at BASE), Tim Willy Weber (mayor of the Ottersberg district, one of the ten municipalities participating in the LOSLAND model project on citizens’ councils) and Linus Strothmann (from the initiative for lottery-based civic involvement “Es geht LOS für Bürger*innenbeteiligung”) will revolve around the question of how our democratic processes need to change to make them fit for the challenges of the future. The event will be moderated by Nadine Hadad.

Special Olympics Weeks: Experiencing Futurium Together

For the first time ever, Germany will be hosting the Special Olympics World Games. In June 2023, they will be taking place in Berlin, with Futurium being one of the cultural partners. From 12 to 25 June 2023, our House of Futures will be offering a programme containing even more than usual accessibility and multilinguality, above all guided tours in Easy Language – in German, English and Spanish.

Long Night of the Sciences 2023

On 17 June 2023, Futurium will once again be taking part in the Long Night of the Sciences – with a colourful programme to join in and discover. At “FuckUp Night”, politicians will be talking about their biggest failures and discussing the democracy of the future. At a special guided tour, visitors can discover by night Futurium’s exhibition of the future.

Programme of events from April to June 2023

Every Thursday, 17:00
Open Lab Night
The individual events have varying topics, and it’s possible to join in at any time. Admission is free.

1 to 30 April 2023
Mission Possible 2046
A fictional and interactive audio expedition into the future
Sat, 1 April, 16:00 / Sun, 2 April, 14:00 / Thu, 6 April, 18:00 / Sat, 8 April, 16:00 / Sun, 9 April, 14:00 / Mon, 10 April, 14:00 / Thu, 13 April, 18:00 / Sat, 15 April, 16:00 / Sun, 16 April, 14:00 / Thu, 20 April, 18:00 / Sat, 22 April, 16:00 / Sun, 23 April, 14:00 / Thu, 27 April, 18:00 / Sat, 29 April, 16:00 / Sun, 30 April, 14:00

12 to 14 April 2023, 12:00–16:00
Three-day holiday workshop
What might your city of the future look like?

20 April 2023, 16:00–18:00
Sustainable Democracy Through Local Civic Involvement
Interactive thinking and participation lab / An event in cooperation with LOSLAND

20 April 2023, 18:30–20:00
Grassroots Democracy in Practice – How Can Civic Involvement Be Successful in the Future?
Fishbowl conversation with experts / An event in cooperation with LOSLAND

27 April 2023, 18:30–20:00
Dating Democracy #1
Hello democracy! How are you feeling?

3 May 2023, 18:00–20:00
A Short Journey Through AI – Human or Machine?
Experiencing and understanding AI: a playful-scientific introduction to the world of AI / An event in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

4 to 29 May 2023
Mission Possible 2046
A fictional and interactive audio expedition into the future
Thu, 4 May, 17:00 / Sat, 6 May, 16:00 / Sun, 7 May, 14:00 / Thu, 11 May, 18:00 / Sat, 13 May, 16:00 / Sun, 14 May, 14:00 / Thu, 18 May, 18:00 / Sat, 20 May, 16:00 / Sun, 21 May, 14:00 / Thu, 25 May, 18:00 / Sat, 27 May, 16:00 / Sun, 28 May, 14:00 / Mon, 29 May, 14:00

4 May 2023, 18:30
Mission Possible 2046 Artist Talk
A fictional and interactive audio expedition into the future

5 May 2023, 15:00–17:00
Clear Compromises
An afternoon playing board games

21 May 2023, 15:00
Imagine the Future
Interactive guided tour of the exhibition on International Museum Day

25 May 2023, 18:30–20:00
Dating Democracy #2
Sustainability – is democracy fit for the future?

1 to 29 June 2023
Mission Possible 2046
A fictional and interactive audio expedition into the future
Thu, 1 June, 18:00 / Sat, 3 June, 16:00 / Sun, 4 June, 14:00 / Thu, 8 June, 18:00 / Sat, 10 June, 16:00 / Sun, 11 June, 14:00 / Thu, 15 June, 18:00 / Sun, 18 June, 14:00 / Thu, 22 June, 18:00 / Sat, 24 June, 16:00 / Sun, 25 June, 14:00 / Thu, 29 June, 18:00

1 June 2023, 18:30
“Scientics”? When Politics Meets Science
How politicians might benefit from the knowledge of researchers / A joint event with the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

8 June 2023, 18:30
Turning Data Into Maps
A workshop on the evaluation of data gathered by citizen science / This event will be taking place as part of the citizen science project “Your Emotional City” – a joint project of Interdisziplinäres Forum Neurourbanistik e. V., the university hospital Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Futurium, the House of Futures.

9 June 2023, 10:30–17:00
Taking Different Futures to School!
Professional development day for teachers

12 to 25 June 2023, entire day
Special Olympics
Discover and shape the future: multilingual and inclusive / activities, exhibition tours and workshops / Futurium is a cultural partner of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.

17 June 2023, 17:00–24:00
Long Night of the Sciences 2023
Experiencing. Understanding. Knowing!

29 June 2023, 18:30–20:00
Dating Democracy #3
Dealing with climate change – do we need a fast-moving politics of action?

The programme of events online

Picture material for download