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With the Hippocratic oath, doctors commit themselves to curing diseases and maintaining health. But new technological possibilities could shift the modern concept of health and fuel an ancient human dream, namely, the fountain of youth. At 16:00, The AGENCY will approach the topic in a performance, after which (starting at 17:00) experts will discuss the state of current research and any questions raised in this regard.



Free admission.

Further informations:

  • Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes
I Stock 523652215

Foto: Yuri Arcurs / iStock


In its lecture performance, the performance group THE AGENCY will be dealing with current phenomena connected with physical and mental self-optimisation and transhumanistic visions of the fusion of body and technology. Is there any subversive potential in the medical-technical expandability of human beings, or do these expansions take place according to the logic of increased efficiency and standardisation? On the one hand, new possibilities allow us to question the limits of what is considered natural. On the other hand, they also pose the danger that existing structures of power and standardisation will be carried over into these technologies.

The audience is invited to follow the stories of the prototypes and become part of their world, where interventions in the body are normal and the dream of eternal youth has already become real. Are you ready to become a prototype, despite these insights?

The Creators:

Lecture performance: Liina Magnea, Belle Santos, Rahel Spöhrer
Production management: Sofie Luckhardt
: Nile Koetting
Voice-over: Mona Vojacek Koper
THE AGENCY + Rahel Spöhrer


Stem cell research, gene therapy or thymus therapy – research is providing a number of approaches that make a life of eternal youth seem possible. In addition, there are approaches to extend life far beyond the biological boundaries.

What is the current state of science? Is it possible, and desirable, to overcome the aging process and, ultimately, to control death? What are the goals of modern medicine? To enable as long a life as possible or as good a life as possible?


Christoper Coenen, scientist at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Elisabeth Gräb-Schmidt, Professor of Bio- and Technology Ethics at the University of Tübingen and member of the German Ethics Council
Torsten Nahm, transhumanist and Head of Data Science at DKB AG
Claudia Waskow, Professor of Immunology of Ageing at the Leibniz Institute of Ageing Research - Fritz Lipmann Institute e.V., Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena


  • Venue: Forum I+II
  • Free admission
  • Registration not required
  • Event languages: German and English


  • Futurium is a wheelchair-accessible venue.
  • The event is aimed at interested participants of all ages.
  • An induction loop system is available.
  • We’ll keep seats free for those of you who wish to sit close to the stage because of your visual impairment.
  • Spaces without seats will be available for wheelchair users.


Photos will be taken, and video recordings made, during the event. If you do not wish to be pictured, please let us know in advance.