Here you can find an overview of prizes and awards for the House of Futures:

September 2021


The European Museum Academy has awarded Futurium with the coveted Luigi Micheletti Award 2020-2021 in The Hague. "Futurium presents the great challenges of the future in a stunning and ideologically neutral way," said the jury at the digital ceremony announcing the award winners. "Visitors can develop their own ideas and visions of the future, in the museum or digitally [...] based on the fundamental question: 'How do we want to live?' The museum aims to be an integrated institution where science, politics, business, art and social issues come together and collaborate in workshops, discussions and events." And last but not least, the jury remarked: "Every country should have its own Futurium."

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June 2021


Futurium won the International German PR Award 2021 together with Scholz & Friends for its opening campaign "How do we want to live?" The jury of the DPRG awarded the communication performance for the House of the Future in the category Content Strategies at the award ceremony in Frankfurt am Main yesterday. In times when robots are traded as labour, pandemics and the climate crisis threaten our society, the Futurium sends a positive signal: The future can be shaped, and everyone can help shape the future. But how do you talk about something that does not yet exist? The opening campaign for Futurium, developed with Scholz & Friends, placed the question "How do we want to live? Ten international artists were asked to put their own personal vision of the future on paper.

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Uli Deck ARTIS Fotografie

May 2021


The European Museum Forum has announced the winners of the coveted "European Museum of the Year Awards" for 2020 and 2021 in an online ceremony. Futurium was the only German museum to receive a "Special Commendation". "The award makes us very happy," Director Dr. Stefan Brandt is pleased to say. "We are not a classic museum, but a 'house of the future' - with an exhibition as well as with workshops, debates and experimental formats. The jury's vote confirms our conviction that more than ever, places are needed where people can discuss the big question that concerns us all: How do we want to live?

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December 2018


Futurium has been awarded the Gold Certificate in the Sustainable Building Rating System for Federal Buildings (BNB) - with the highest score achieved to date. With BNB Gold status and a compliance rate of 89.8 per cent, the Futurium is currently the most sustainable federal building. Gunther Adler, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs (BMI), acknowledged this at the presentation of the BNB Gold certificate to the building owner, the Federal Institute for Real Estate Management (BImA).

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