Futurium David von Becker VB 6916

David von Becker

Press Relesase 25.06.2020

Futurium Lab and Skywalk Open Again Soon

Futurium will be reopening the Futurium Lab and Skywalk* on 1 July 2020. With this step, visitors will be free once again to explore almost everything our House of Futures has to offer – and on all floors. Guided tours are now available to the public at weekends.

Futurium David von Becker VB 6916

David von Becker

The reopening of the Futurium Lab and Skywalk on 1 July 2020 will follow on the heels of the successful reopening of the exhibition. In the Showcase, the interactive exhibition area in the Futurium Lab, visitors can discover new approaches to the future. Among the things to be seen are robots that print, computers that make music, and artificial plants that come straight from the future. Our latest exhibit, “Mind the Fungi”, is available for your exploration from 3 July. By means of this exhibit, the Futurium Lab is engaging with the subject of how new biomaterials can be created from algae and fungi – and the effects sounds can have on fungal growth. The pieces are the result of an artists-in-residence programme involving Theresa Schubert and Fara Peluso. Mind the Fungi is a joint research project by TU Berlin’s Institute of Biotechnology (Professor Vera Meyer & Professor Peter Neubauer) and the Art Laboratory Berlin (Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz).

On the Skywalk, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the uneven lines of the city’s horizon – from the dome of the Reichstag to the pinnacle of the television tower, and from the imposing architecture of the Federal Chancellery to the grounds of the university hospital Charité. The skywalk can be closed due to weather conditions.

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Photo: Jan Windszus

Since last weekend, guided tours for the public have been taking place once again. Each tour offers places for up to 20 people to explore the highlights of the exhibition. Tickets can be booked online.

“The reopening of the Futurium Lab and the Skywalk has now moved us to the second stage of the overall reopening. We’re pleased to say that since we got the exhibition back up and running on 13 May there have been no problems to report,” says Dr Stefan Brandt, Director of Futurium. “Our visitors have been behaving in a consistently responsible way, respecting the relevant hygiene regulations. It’s also lovely to see that, after a cautious start, more and more people are now coming to Futurium. The central question of our house – ‘How do we want to live?’ – has certainly not become less important through Corona; indeed, it’s become more topical than ever.”

The central question of our house – ‘How do we want to live?’ – has become more topical than ever.

Dr Stefan Brandt

To ensure that the spread of the virus causing COVID-19 can be contained, our House of Futures will continue to rely on its visitors to act responsibly and to observe the agreed distancing and hygiene regulations. In addition, Futurium has implemented a variety of measures to reduce the risk of infection.

Which areas of the building are accessible?

The exhibition of the future on around 3,000 square metres is open to visitors; interactive exhibits are open to use with restrictions, but there is no access to the swings. The Showcase can be explored in the Lab, but the workshop remains closed for the time being. Events and workshops are being held digitally until further notice, and Futurium’s online programme has been expanded accordingly (www.futurium.de). The Restaurant at Futurium is offering takeaway food and drinks on the forecourt.

Admission to Futurium will continue to be free of charge. Opening hours will remain the same: Mon, Wed, Fri–Sun: 10:00–18:00, Thu 10:00–20:00, Tue closed.

What kind of guided tours are taking place?

Every Saturday and Sunday at 14:30, public guided tours are offered in German. Private group tours can also be booked. Each guided tour offers places for a maximum of 20 people, who must all wear masks and maintain a minimum distance of two metres from one another.

What are the social distancing and public hygiene regulations at Futurium?

All persons in the public areas of Futurium must wear masks. Visitors must maintain a minimum distance of two metres between themselves and others. In addition, the hygiene tips provided by the German government’s Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) apply.

What security measures has Futurium imposed?

Futurium does not allow more than 300 visitors to be present in the building at any one time. In addition, more security personnel are on duty throughout the building and public areas are cleaned more frequently. Lockers have been taken out of service.

*The Skywalk is open in good weather, but may remain closed due to weather conditions. Information: +4930408189777