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A tour of the Berlin Museum of Medical History and of Futurium combined

The Future and Past of Medicine

A trip into the past and back into the future: at Charité Berlin’s Medical History Museum, you’ll embark on a journey back to the 19th century – to the very beginnings of scientific medicine. Then, immediately afterwards, you can enjoy a glimpse into the future of medicine at Futurium.



Further information:

  • Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes
Collage 11 4 Führung Copyright Volker Kreidler BMM 2

© Volker Kreidler und BMM

Research into the human body led to new insights into diseases and their causes. At the same time, this knowledge drew attention to people’s living conditions and caused changes to be made – and not just on hospital wards. At Futurium, you can look into the future with us: the decoding of human DNA is yet another milestone in scientific research that promises both a better understanding of diseases and customised treatments. Molecular machines could produce suitable drugs directly in our bodies and insert them into diseased body cells. Speculate with us about the future of medicine!



  • We are a wheelchair accessible venue.
  • Spaces without seating are available for wheelchair users.
  • Interpretation into Simple Language
  • The event addresses interested people of age 16+.
  • Participation requirements: no prior knowledge required
  • Drinks and food are available for purchase.

The future is for everyone! The Futurium wants to be accessible to everyone.

If there are any other access needs on your part, please feel free to let us know. We will try to meet them:

All information on accessibility can be found here.

Photo & Video

Photos will be taken during the event. If you don’t wish to be pictured, please let us know in advance.


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