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Photos: Felix Broede / Sony classical / Ahmad Alrifaee

The pianist and the climate show give people the courage to deal with change

‘vollehalle’ climate show & Igor Levit

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Everything is changing, and we are facing major questions: what world do we want to live in? Are we actually going to change something or will it be more a case of our being changed ourselves?



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  • Duration:2 hours
Bildschirmfoto 2020 01 09 um 10 34 28

Photos: Felix Broede / Sony classical / Ahmad Alrifaee

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges humankind has ever faced – and it’s closely interwoven with other problems of our time. This complex will be explored by the ‘vollehalle’ climate show together with pianist Igor Levit. The show by Maren Kling, Michael Bukowski, Martin Oetting and Kai Schächtele will present fantastic stories of people who have set out on new paths and countered their frustration about the crisis with their desire to break new ground. Igor Levit, an eloquent European committed to fighting hatred and promoting humanistic ideas, will provide musical accompaniment for the evening with his passionate piano performance.

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vollehalle: Michael Bukowski, Maren Jule Kling, Kai Schächtele and Martin Oetting.

Photo: Nick Scholey


Venue: Forum
€ 5 (children under 3 years free of charge) at the box office


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