Photos: Ranga Yogeshwar (© H.G. Esch), Maximilian Fichtner (© Fritz Beck)

Fill the tank up, please! But with what? Electricity, hydrogen and electrofuel in the future check

Ranga Yogeshwar & Maximilian Fichtner

One thing is for sure: cars will still be around in the future. What is less clear at present, however, is which type of engine will prevail. Science journalist and physicist Ranga Yogeshwar and battery researcher Maximilian Fichtner will be talking about electric cars, hydrogen-powered engines and e-fuels and putting them all to the test: which form of propulsion has the biggest potential for the future?



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Photos: Ranga Yogeshwar (© H.G. Esch), Maximilian Fichtner (© Fritz Beck)

Electric drives are currently widespread and seem to be anecofriendly and efficient option. Hydrogen drives are said to be quick torefuel and able to cover long ranges. E-fuels, on the other hand, areconsidered to be climate-neutral in production, but are currently still veryexpensive at four euros per litre.

Germany has set itself the goal of taking a leading role inelectromobility. Accordingly, sales of electric cars have increasedsignificantly, not least due to government incentives such as the purchasepremium for this type of vehicle. At the same time, investments are beingpoured into the research and development of hydrogen technology; support fore-fuels, by contrast, is more restrained due to their energy-intensiveproduction.

Regardless of political considerations, we want to discusson a scientific basis which of the three propulsion technologies is a realisticoption for the cars of the future. Take the opportunity to ask experts yourquestions and learn more about the car of the future: are pure electric carsreally a better solution than hydrogen-powered vehicles with fuel cells?

Our guest

Chemist Maximilian Fichtner is Executive Director at Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) for Electrochemical Energy Storage. He is part of the core team of a new European flagship project on battery research called “BATTERY2030+” and scientific coordinator of several European research projects on battery and hydrogen technology.

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