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Impressions from Futurium

We're open again!

For almost two months Futurium was closed. We are happy that you can visit our House of the Futures again, even if special rules apply for the time being. We have accompanied the first visitors on their tour through the exhibition.

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"It's nice that it has opened again," says Karin, who is visiting Futurium for the first time with her husband Wilfried. Only the thing with the masks is a bit unpleasant. "And it's a pity that the Skywalk has closed, but we will certainly make up for that sometime." - "Today the visit is very relaxed", adds Wilfred. But he believes that the situation will normalize again, so that one can expect more visitors at some point.

The route through our exhibition is precisely regulated. The entrance on the Spree side, the exit on the opposite side. In addition, masks are compulsory and a safe distance is maintained throughout the building. "That's well done, with the masks and the distance it's no problem at all," says Gina.

Click through our photo gallery from the day of the reopening

Ines also visits the House of Futures for the first time: "Even though I don't know Futurium yet, I think that you still get a good impression of the exhibition. She believes that new concepts for the future are needed now. "Probably life will change in another direction after all with Corona happening," she adds.

Yves and Melanie are interested in the themes of Futurium. It's convenient for them that they have plenty of space and can take a close look at everything. "I think that the measures will continue for a while longer, at least until a vaccine is found," says Melanie. Until then, the two, who are based in Berlin, think that everyone should think about how to improve things that went wrong in the past.

Director Stefan Brandt explains in the video how it feels to open Futurium twice within six months (German):

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