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Milestone Action Programme

One Million Visitors at Futurium

More than 1,000,000 people from Berlin, Germany and around the world have visited Futurium since it opened in September 2019. They explored the exhibition, developed their own ideas for the future in the Futurium Lab, or exchanged ideas at events with researchers, artists and everyday heroes.

FUT 1 Mio RZ RGB 1 1 RZ

Futurium Director Dr Stefan Brandt is delighted: ”We’ve now crossed the one-million-visitors mark, even though we’ve been operating for less than three years, during most of which time there were lots of pandemic-related restrictions. This goes beyond our wildest dreams. Futurium is all about active engagement with topics of the future – our visitors’ main motivation is their interest in the content they can find here. The fact that this concept of science communication has aroused the curiosity of so many people fills us with a sense of both joy and duty.”

Nicole Schneider, Commercial Director of Futurium, also appreciates the many visitors and people interested in the future. “I’m very pleased that in the nearly three years since we opened, we’ve been able to inspire so many people with our exhibition, the Lab and our programme of events. People of different origins and of all age groups, many from Berlin and Germany, but many too from all over the world, have experienced real joy in exploring what we have to offer here.”

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In the meantime, according to the latest ranking of berlin.de, our House of Futures has also become one of Berlin’s five most visited museums. With that in mind, we’re looking forward to new and returning visitors alike!