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Open Lab Night

Making Sense #04 Hearing

The Open Lab Night series Making Sense, investigates how you can create immersive experiences that embrace all senses.


Futurium Lab

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  • Dauer:3 Stunden
00 Hearing 1024x768

On a global scale, extraordinary experiences are being created in cultural, entertainment and brand spaces that connect us intuitively and sustainably with content and products. The driving forces behind this development are innovative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, interactive sound and lighting, and multitouch and app-based systems or applications that enable inclusive access. The increasing diversity of tools and the growing ease of their use will continuously increase the level of connectivity and immersion in the coming years. So what do you have to consider when you want to create experiences that captivate us and stay in our memories?

A series of four events explores the importance of directly engaging the human senses to create unique and accessible experiences. This fourth and last event will focus on the sense of hearing. To be able to look at the topic from different perspectives, we have invited great experts from various creative disciplines who will give us insights into their thinking and individual work processes.


→ Portrait XO, Independent Researcher & Transdisciplinary Artist

→ Johannes Helberger, Sound Experience Innovator & UX Futurist, Sound Innovation. Lab

→ Henrik Langer, Co-Founder Instruments of Things

→ Steffen Armbruster, Founder & CEO, FRAMED immersive projects & usomo

→ Fernanda Parente, Co-Founder Rosy DX & Moderator of the evening

Making Sense was created by XPRO (B2B format of Messe Berlin), a new European B2B marketplace for experience technologies, products and services and Retune, a festival and network at the intersection of art, design and technology. They have joined forces to highlight the interrelationship between artistic exploration and commercial application.


5 - 6 pm Tour through Futurium Lab

6 – 8 pm Talks and panel discussion


  • Location: Workshop Futurium Lab (-1)
  • Admission: free
  • Language: English
  • Max. number of participants: 50
  • Conditions for participation: no prior knowledge required


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