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Your emotional city

The city that never is and always will be. We ask ourselves: How does this city actually feel? Together with you, we want to collect precisely these feelings and create a city map of emotions. To do this, we have developed an app you can use to participate in the citizen science project.

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About the project

Cities trigger emotions in us - pleasant and unpleasant ones. On the one hand, they offer opportunities for development, culture and prosperity. They are political, economic and scientific centers. But they also have another side; they are often anonymous or dirty, and there is injustice, crime and violence in them. Cities stimulate us, and they challenge us. Sometimes they cause stress. Some even make us sick. But they also fascinate us. Everything has an impact on our psyche and health.

Become an urban researcher


If you would like to participate in the project as an urban researcher and join us in collecting data on stress and well-being locations in Berlin, you can download the app "Urban Mind" from the App Store or Google Play and get started. On the app's first screen, select "Your emotional city" and you're ready to go! If you subscribe to the Futurium newsletter, we will inform you in the future about the current project status and about events of "Your emotional city".

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In the Citizen Science project "Your emotional City" we want to discover how citizens* feel, decipher the sensations at concrete streets, squares, neighborhoods and parks, and gain general insights into cities. Together we will find out what makes cities of the future places worth living in.


In addition to the app, there are new exchange formats in the project: Public workshops and events, where all actors can contribute perspectives and questions to the research project. Here you can find current events:

22. February // 19:00


Urban life – an exciting, vibrant adventure that keeps us constantly on the move. But living in the metropolis also causes stress – and this can leave its mark. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring together with you and our researchers the relationship between urban life and mental well-being. Lively neighbourhoods, cultural activities and educational opportunities can play an important role in this context. However, changes are needed to make our urban centres of tomorrow more pleasant to live in and healthier for our mental well-being. Together, we want to find out what mental resources the city has to offer and how we can use them to promote our mental well-being.

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"Your Emotional City" is a joint project of Interdisziplinäres Forum Neurourbanistik e. V., Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Futurium, Haus der Zukünfte. Funded by the Berlin University Alliance as part of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments.