2827 FUT Jan Windszus 07062018

Jan Windszus

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Workshops at Futurium Lab

Dear visitors, our exhibition is open for you again. You can also do research at home via tutorials or the challenge of the week. However, events will be held digitally until further notice. You can find out more about Futurium on our website. Under the hashtags #FuturiumExhibition, #FuturiumForum, #FuturiumLab and #FuturiumSchool you can find a lot of exciting content - to read, listen, see and participate.

2827 FUT Jan Windszus 07062018

Jan Windszus

Futurium Lab hosts regular workshops. You will learn to explore and create the future using future research and design methods. The workshops are ‘hands-on’, and you can craft, solder and program in our Workshop space.

The future we want needs to be invented, otherwise, we will get one we don't want.

Joseph Beuys

If this is not enough, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines and robots are available. Previous knowledge is not necessary. We have professionals on site who explain everything. The best ideas for the future and prototypes are documented and collected by us. The workshops for school classes are structured in a differentiated way and are suitable for all types of schools. They invite students to explore the future in a playful way and support them in understanding the future as an opportunity that they can consciously and self-determinedly help shape.

The workshops for school classes take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 13:00. There will be no workshops during the Berlin holidays. Participation costs 5 Euros per pupil and the minimum number of participants lies with 10 persons (we recommend 20 participants). Teachers and accompanying persons are free of charge.

For the moment, a detailed workshop programme is only published in German. We're working on an English translation, please stay tuned. Feel free to come by and join the workshops anyway, all international visitors are warmly welcome!

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