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Photo: David von Becker, Graphic: TA-TRUNG

Fake news? Be smarter!

Long Night of Sciences

Come by at Futurium on 2 July for the Long Night of Sciences ("Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" – LNDW). This year, it revolves around the question: How do we distinguish facts from fake news?



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  • Duration:7 hours
FUT LNDW Website

Photo: David von Becker, Graphic: TA-TRUNG

On 2 July, the time has finally come again: The Long Night of Sciences returns – with a statement against misrepresentations. The motto: Science as an answer to fake news, conspiracy theories and fatal errors. In times of fake news and Twitter politics, science in particular has a special responsibility alongside journalism: it remains critical in the best sense, questions itself and keeps an eye on the complexity of our modern world. Scientific thinking protects against taking assertions at face value and getting caught up in ideologies. It is important to keep an overview and to be able to distinguish truth from falsehood.

What to expect at Futurium

At Futurium, we want to remain curious and critical – and during the Long Night of Sciences, we'll show you how. The programme is exciting and entertaining at the same time: be there when journalists debunk fake news in a reporter slam and take a look behind the scenes of science communication with the makers of the exhibition. Discuss the influence of fake news on shaping the future with scientists and journalists. And find out in our Futurium Lab how we recognise fake profiles on Instagram, Twitter and the like. You can also explore the future exhibition all night long. Guided tours are available for children and night owls.


To access Futurium and participate in the programme of the Long Night of Sciences on 2 July, you will need a LNDW ticket. Please book this online. There is no box office at Futurium.

Independently of the LNDW ticket purchase, you can reserve a seat for our Futurium programme. There will be no further costs for you. Just keep in mind that you will need your LNDW ticket for admission.


Long Night of Sciences – that means for you: Late opening at Futurium. Our exhibition and the Futurium Lab will be open until midnight on 2 July.

The programme is mainly in German (sorry!), check it out here. But for all of you who prefer the English language, we have a special treat for you: