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Curator's Talk

Transport, one of the big topics of the future, has made its way into the thinking space Technology.



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  • Duration:30 minutes
Iewek gnos w LE Xaqn QY08 unsplash

Photo by Noah Negishi on Unsplash

Researchers agree that by 2050 transport must be free from fossil fuels. Since new technologies will bring about lots of changes in this area, we’re interested in questions such as: how will fossil-free transport affect our everyday lives and our involvement in communal activities – in big cities as well as in the countryside? And how can we achieve the transition to fossil-free transport in a manner that is socially fair? The fact that transport is always tied up with questions of social justice is particularly noticeable when it comes to long-distance travel. After all, how many people really have the opportunity to fly long-distance? If air travel is so damaging to the climate, what alternatives do we have? And generally: which values will be shaping our culture of travel in the future?


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