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Press Release 3 February 2023

“Fast, Forward, Future”: Futurium Adds a YouTube Series to its Offerings for Children

How do children see the future? What do they wish for? What are the topics that really concern them? From outer space to voting rights for children: in the new video series “Fast, Forward, Future” (“Zick, Zack, Zukunft”), young reporters explore Futurium. Today, the five episodes will be published on Futurium’s YouTube channel. This YouTube series adds to what the House of Futures has to offer families.

Zzz teaser klappe 4x3 Original

Credit: art/beats

“Fast, Forward, Future”

Olivia (11 years old) is one of ten young reporters exploring topics of the future at Futurium. She wants to know if it will be normal by 2030 for everyone to spend their holidays in space. Together with Anton (10), Augustin (11), Ceda (13), Donata (11), Emil (14), Louis (9), Marie (11), Matteo (7) and Richard (11), Olivia responded to Futurium’s call to explore the House of Futures. During their tours of discovery, they interview Futurium’s exhibition organisers. Should children be given the right to vote? How might our cities become more climate-friendly? Will we soon be relaxing on Mars? These short videos reflect the way these young people see – and live in – the world. In each episode, the curious young reporters explore one topic of the future.

Climate protection improves because our generation is more involved, e.g. with Fridays for Future.


“I’ve got mixed feelings about voting rights for children: on the one hand, children are very easily manipulated and might even be tempted by people who promise them free doughnuts. On the other hand, it’s the children – not the adults – who’ll be living in the more distant future. So they should be able to decide what that future looks like.” (Richard)

“I could imagine climate protection improving because our generation is more involved, for example with Fridays for Future.” (Marie)

“I’m afraid of robots. I just have a phobia. But it’s kind of interesting to see how robots are developing and whether they’re useful to humans or whether they could even be a good replacement for them.” (Ceda)

“Robots could help us do lots of things better in the future. They could clean up and explore the oceans.” (Anton)

Futurium’s new children’s series is a digital offering developed together with – and for – children. Today, the five episodes will be published on Futurium’s YouTube channel.

“Fast, Forward, Future” on Futurium’s YouTube channel

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Other formats for families at Futurium

In addition to the YouTube series, the House of Futures offers a range of other activities for children and families: family tours, open workshops at weekends, a children’s rally to explore Futurium on their own, as well as online workshops that invite the younger generation to engage actively with questions concerning the future.

Open Lab for Families

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00, the House of Futures opens its Lab for families. The open workshop programme is aimed at anyone who likes to tinker about with things, try things out and invent new ideas. During this time, the workshop in the Futurium Lab is open to all those interested. They can drop by spontaneously, explore issues of the future and get to know in a playful manner the technical basics of robotics, 3D printing, programming or laser cutting. Topics include the city of the future (exploring virtual worlds), future logistics solutions (controlling small learning robots), 3D printing (trying out new production techniques) or future masks (tinkering with the laser cutter). Workshop topics rotate weekly, offer varying levels of difficulty, and are suitable for everyone from 10 to 99 years old.

Guided tours for families

Every Sunday from 14:30 to 15:30, Futurium offers a public tour of the exhibition (in German) that’s especially aimed at families. It’s recommended for children from 6 years and older. Those who prefer to explore the House of Futures in their own group can book a private tour tailored to the number and age of the children involved.

Children’s rally

For explorers: equipped with the children’s rally booklet “Off to the Future” and a good portion of curiosity, children can explore the future worlds of the exhibition on their own. The booklet is available for free in German and English at the information desk in the foyer.

Online workshops

With its online offerings(in German), Futurium is responding to the growing demand for learning opportunities that are not fixed to a particular location. Workshops on topics such as the music of the future, mobility and the tools of the future all encourage self-learning. They invite us into a digital universe of exploration in which we get to think about how we actually want to live.