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Press Release 7 March 2022

Publication of Futurium’s Themed Booklet “On the Move – Futures of Mobility”

To accompany the new theme of mobility at Futurium, the themed booklet “On the Move – Futures of Mobility” has just been published. The booklet will be available for purchase in the Futurium Shop – on site and online – in both German and English editions. Digital editions are available on the Futurium website.

FUT Begleitheft Bewerbung 1 1

As a guide to everything Futurium has to offer around the new theme of mobility, the booklet is intended as an accompaniment for all those interested in setting off on their journeys through the topic. As a source of inspiration – for further reading, further thinking and further action – it enables its readers to delve deeper into the topic both during and beyond their visit to Futurium.

Dr Stefan Brandt, Director of Futurium, says: “Mobility is a basic human need that permeates all areas of life. And it’s closely interwoven with major issues of the future such as the sustainability shift and digitalisation. We think our themed booklet on mobility – which is available both digitally and in print – is a great way for people to ‘extend’ their visit to Futurium, so to speak, and to fill them with the desire to come back to visit us again soon.”

The themed booklet presents both science-based visions as well as wishes expressed by individuals for the mobility of the future. The contributions come from scientists and science communicators, ordinary citizens and Futurium staff.

Readers are presented with a wealth of ideas in a wide range of contexts, such as a future scenario addressing borderless mobility, a compilation of initiatives dealing with sustainability, and encounters with the personal views of scientists and the personal accounts of people on their travels around the globe. In the introductory interview, Dr Karena Kalmbach, Head of Strategy & Content, talks to Director Dr Stefan Brandt and Head of Exhibitions Dr Gabriele Zipf about Futurium’s approach to the topic of mobility. In the “Urban, Rural, Mobile” section, mobility researchers present new developments and ideas – and assess them critically.

At a Glance: the key facts about the new themed booklet “Futures of Mobility”

  • a total of 3,000 printed copies
  • 2,500 copies in German, 500 in English
  • sale via the Futurium Shop (on site and online)
  • price: EUR 6.95

Digital edition at www.futurium.de/en

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