Press Release 20 May 2020

Gold for the Futurium Exhibition

Futurium’s exhibition has won the gold award in the 2020 Art Directors Club competition. We offer our heartiest congratulations on this success to our exhibition designers ART+COM Studios and Schiel Projektgesellschaft, as well as everyone else involved.

The ADC competition is Germany’s most important competition in the creative sector. Therefore, we are delighted that ART+COM Studios, as lead agency for the Futurium exhibition, has received the gold award in the category “Exhibition Experience”.

With heart and soul, creativity, but also stamina, each individual has contributed to the success.

Dr. Gabriele Zipf

“Behind our exhibition are many people who bring their own personal skills and talents to bear: the passion, creativity, but also the sheer stamina, of each and every one of them contributed to this success. We wish to thank all of those involved. We are delighted and proud to have won the award,” says Dr Gabriele Zipf, Head of Exhibitions at Futurium.

On a surface of 3,000 square metres, visitors can explore a comprehensive exhibition at Futurium, where they are invited to engage themselves in three thinking spaces with drafts of possible futures. How do we want to live? Complex knowledge and diverse approaches to solving the challenges of the future have been made easily accessible through a mix of analogue and digital media.

The three thinking spaces and their opening exhibits differ greatly from one another in terms of design and atmosphere: above the stairs, a space-consuming installation – illustrating the exponential development of global processes – rotates upwards like a tornado, leading visitors into the exhibition. The thinking space Nature features an organic-looking wooden room architecture that seems to be growing out of the ground. By contrast, the thinking space Technology, which is characterised by its objective aesthetics, sets itself apart with backlit white walls and media stations. Here, media installations and augmented reality stations provide visitors with insights into a variety of future scenarios. The thinking space Human with its houses and participatory offerings gives visitors the opportunity to try things out both for themselves and together with others.

At numerous points in the exhibition, visitors can use a token wristband to evaluate proposals for possible futures and collect interesting facts about individual topics, which they can later explore in more depth by means of additional web content.

Futurium’s ADC-gold-winning exhibition has been accessible for a limited number of visitors since 13 May 2020 following the temporary closure due to the coronavirus situation; admission is free of charge.

Exhibition makers:

  • Coordinating general contractor: ART+COM AG
  • Project management: Schiel Projektgesellschaft mbH
  • Exhibition design: Schiel Projektgesellschaft mbH and ART+COM AG
  • Media design: ART+COM AG
  • Graphics: Polygraph Design
  • Lighting: Studio Dinnebier
  • Principal: Futurium gGmbH
  • Head of Exhibition: Dr Gabriele Zipf