Future Box Oceans

Credit: Carolin Rankin

Press Release 17 November 2022

Future Box “Oceans” – A Playful Look into the Future

What will our oceans look like in the world of tomorrow? Together with the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM), Futurium has developed a Future Box titled “Oceans” that can be used in a workshop format to explore this question by developing various scenarios for the future in a playful way.

Future Box Oceans

Credit: Carolin Rankin

Discovering and shaping the future

How do we want to coexist with the oceans? How can we treat the seas, coasts and oceans in a sustainable way that preserves the natural basis of our existence? How can we shape a desirable future for our “blue planet”? The materials in the Future Box “Oceans” can be used both to discuss ideas for ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans and to develop creative impulses and visions in this field.

The materials are suitable for pupils from Year 7 from all types of schools and can also be used for workshops with adults. The goal is to enthuse schoolchildren for the future of the oceans and to support teachers in their efforts over the long term to anchor future-relevant methods and content into their lessons.

On 24 November 2022 at 17:00, Futurium will be hosting its first workshop on the Future Box “Oceans”, and it will be moderated by Futurium’s education consultant Dr Christian Engelbrecht.

Available as open-source download or printed box

The Future Box “Oceans” can be downloaded as a free printout version from the following websites:

OFL-DAM Download
Futurium Download

In addition, a printed version of the card sets in a hard box is available upon request from the German Alliance for Marine Research: kontakt@allianz-meeresforschung.de

The Future Box is also offered through Futurium’s own schools network as well as the “Blue Schools” network that exists as part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Background and participants

The Future Box Oceans was developed as part of the Ocean Future Lab project in the context of the Year of Science 2022 thread “Participate!” and was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Participants in the Ocean Future Lab project are the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM), the German Oceanographic Museum, the German Maritime Museum, the Institute for Art and Innovation, and Futurium.

About the German Alliance for Marine Research

The German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM) connects 23 leading German marine research institutions with the aim of promoting the sustainable use of coasts, seas and oceans through research and transfer, data management and digitisation, as well as coordination of infrastructures.