DSC03670 Beesley People Sang Lee

It's all about ideas


Discover fresh ideas for the future in the Showcase, our interactive exhibition space in the Futurium Lab. Among other things, you can see printing robots, computers making music and artificial plants from the future.

DSC03670 Beesley People Sang Lee

You don't have to be an engineer or computer expert to shape the future. Artists, craftspeople or philosophers are just as important.

David Weigend, Head of Education and Participation at Futurium

There is a different person behind every idea. The works were developed for the Futurium Lab by ‘future makers’, a range of scientists, designers and artists, all with a focus on the future. They come from totally different fields. Short films show how they developed their ideas.

You can touch and try out many of the pieces on display. We will develop individual exhibits as part of the Open Lab. Come by and join in!