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Festival Bioeconomy

Off to the spaceship economy: Robots on the flower meadow and vegetables from the sewage plant

Recycling instead of wasting resources: The combination of nature and high-tech can help to make the future more sustainable. For example, waste materials can become raw materials for producing food and energy.



Free admission. Please note that the restaurant at Futurium is currently closed

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  • Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes
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Live on 12 September, 14:00.

Scientists are working at full speed to make this change possible soon. What exactly can this changeover look like? How much can the bio-economy do to close cycles sustainably in the long run? - Researchers from two projects present their visions for agricultural systems of the future for discussion. Visitors to the Futurium will also be asked: How would it be for them if drones were to monitor the growth of crops and tomatoes were grown with nutrients from the sewage treatment plant?