Berlin’s longest football scarf


You roar, we knit: we’ll turn your fan chants into Berlin’s longest football scarf! Sing us your messages and wishes on the sustainability of football. We’ll record you – and our “scarf-o-mat” will use the recordings to knit a unique pattern into our growing football scarf. The more of you that pop by, and the more that you sing, the more colourful the scarf will be. Start practising your “shalalalala”! The event will run throughout the UEFA EURO 2024.

📣 Our project for the UEFA EURO 2024.

⚽️ Drop by at Futurium from 14 June to 14 July!

🌱 How can football become “greener” in the future?

🧣Join us in designing the future of sustainable football!

This is what it’s all about

The football stadium in the southern German city of Freiburg has one of the world’s largest solar roofs; fans of Borussia Dortmund can use their entry tickets to the stadium for free rides on public transport; and food vendors at Hamburg’s football club St. Pauli serve only regional organic bratwurst. For quite some time, sustainability in professional football has stopped being something that takes place only on the sidelines. However, when it comes to fans’ and players’ work clothes and equipment, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Football shirts, flags and fan scarves are bought in huge quantities, but it’s their production, in particular, that is leading to a growing number of problems for humans and nature. Surely we can do better than that?

With “Shalalala!”, we want to promote more sustainability in sport. That’s why you’ll find an interactive audio-knitting installation at Futurium during the UEFA EURO 2024 – inviting you to explore all kinds of interesting facts about sustainability and sport using the example of the fan scarf.

So join us to roar football into a more sustainable future. We’ll use your chants as inspiration for knitting Berlin’s longest and most sustainable fan scarf for the EURO 2024.

This is how you participate!

  1. Sing or speak your wishes into our recording station. No idea what you want to sing? Futurium has a few suggestions for you – just drop by and find out.
  2. A programme will translate your chants into a knitting pattern.
  3. As soon as the whistle blows, the “scarf-o-mat” in the exhibition will start knitting.
  4. Shalalala! Now it’s up to you to participate in creating Berlin’s most colourful fan scarf for the EURO 2024.

Knitting for sustainable football

The “scarf-o-mat” was developed by the Berlin-based studio “trikoton”. The voice-triggered knitting machine turns your audio messages and football wishes into a knitting pattern. To enable this, the knitting software translates the frequencies and volume of a voice recording into a special algorithm, which is then knitted into a jacquard-patterned fan scarf.

This is what the future looks like, shalalala...

Every week, a different type of yarn is used for knitting the scarf, with each of the yarns standing for a different approach to sustainable textiles. After all, the global community of football fans is as diverse as the solution strategies for a sustainable textile industry – and not only with regard to football textiles.

Future League Berlin

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Berlin’s match schedule for a sustainable UEFA EURO 2024

The sports metropolis Berlin has a new league: the FUTURE LEAGUE BERLIN 2024 provides a platform for sustainability projects in the context of the UEFA EURO 2024 in Berlin. More than 100 projects by Berlin-based organisations and initiatives are part of the FUTURE LEAGUE.

With a wide-ranging sustainability programme, Berlin, as one of the tournament’s host cities, has set itself the goal of implementing palpable developments in sports and establishing standards that will lead to long-lasting benefits from all major events taking place in Berlin. The FUTURE LEAGUE plays a key role as a communication platform. It is the result of the joint, diverse and long-standing commitment of Berlin-based organisations and initiatives.

Futurium plays in the Future League

As part of the FUTURE LEAGUE, Futurium has committed itself to promoting greater sustainability in sport with the “Shalalala!” project.

By the way: through our panorama window you can wave directly from the “scarf-o-mat” all the way to Berlin’s official fan zone. This is the location of the FUTURE HUB, the central meeting point for the FUTURE LEAGUE and the venue for exciting talks, workshops and opportunities in which you can exchange ideas.

With financial support of the State of Berlin