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Futurium’s educational materials invite users to explore the future in a playful way. The materials are based on the methodology of futures studies, as well as on education for sustainable development and on design thinking. They encourage school pupils to view the future as an opportunity they can help shape in a conscious and self-determined manner.

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Free downloads


Digital Futurebox

Download the educational materials here and explore issues of the future together with your pupils.

Target groups

The educational materials were developed in collaboration with the Education Innovation Lab and designed for pupils in Years 7 to 10. Many of the exercises are also well suited for use in workshops with adults.TopicsThe educational materials are available on the topics of cities, nutrition, energy, work and health.StructureThe educational materials have a modular structure and can therefore be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. The shortest exercise takes 15 minutes, whereas the project workshop is designed to last a whole week.For each topic, we supply a Future Box with high quality print production. It contains a total of six different sets of cards as well as methodological instructions for creating future scenarios. The Future Box has been designed with teams of five in mind. Each set contains materials for six small groups.

Accompanying material Structure

The materials for downloading help with the preparation and conducting of the classes. They include lessons that have been prepared in detail, as well as presentations to accompany them, work templates, a collection of methods, and supplementary materials for pupils.

All materials were extensively tested with teachers and checked to ensure their suitability for everyday use.

Develop it further yourself

The educational materials are published under a CC-BY-SA licence. This means that they can be further developed and modified. We hope that, over time, users will create many variants of the Future Boxes. If you are interested in creating your own materials based on the Future Boxes, please contact us. We are always on hand with help and advice.

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