Citizen Quest 16 9

Help the city make a good decision!

Citizen Quest

In the "Citizen Quest" exhibit, players improve democratic decision-making in a virtual city. They explore scenarios like public opinions on building a giant Ferris wheel, dealing with urban bears and setting up AI cameras. The players navigate diverse viewpoints of animal rights activists, scientists, and concerned citizens to make the best decision, considering all perspectives, even those of the bears.

Created by IMAGINARY.

Citizen Quest 16 9

Andreas Matt from IMAGINARY explains the exhibit:

It includes a player station equipped with three screens, joysticks and buttons for control, along with a projection of the city map on the opposite side. Players see their location on the map and view its perspective on the screens.

Games begin with storyline details and involve short cycles where players tackle tasks and decisions. Themes like migration, urban development, and environmental conservation influence choices, from constructing new buildings to understanding our connection with the environment.

"The stories are very relatable to human concerns. The concepts introduced in the decision-making process are future-oriented and align with modern principles of digital democracy," explains Andreas Matt. These concepts come to life in the game - examples include citizens' councils, nature and animal involvement, algorithmic decision system and parental voting rights for their children.

The primary objective of each game is to involve as many people as possible in the decision-making process.

Various factors impact the city's digital democracy. Are there citizen information sources? Who can participate in decision-making and how? Do stakeholders listen to each other?

Andreas Matt

Players are tasked with enhancing this situation by sharing information, engaging citizens, dividing tasks, discussing encounters and seeking support.

Citizen Quest by Imaginary

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