A Digital Journey Through Time

Immerse yourself in past futures!

Welcome to the “Archive of Futures"! Immerse yourself in past futures and discover the topics that have animated Futurium in the exhibition, Lab and Forum. Browse through the exhibits and events, use the timeline to beam yourself through the years and let yourself be inspired! Off we go – back to the future!

The engagement with different layers of time plays a major role at Futurium. Together with you, we’ve been exploring different possible futures since 2019. Now you can also experience these futures digitally in our archive! You’ll find previous objects from the exhibition and the Futurium Lab alongside information on past events, festivals and workshops.

“Archive? That might sound like filing cabinets, walls of shelves, and lots of dust-covered paper. But not at Futurium. Our archive is a lively, digital place for enjoyable browsing, targeted searching and perhaps, in the very near future, for exploring our own glimpses of the world of tomorrow.”

Dr Gabriele Zipf, Head of Exhibitions

There’s more than one way to delve into the past. In addition to browsing through the timeline, you can use the digital archive to search for specific terms, subject areas or keywords or to set filters for specific dates and time periods.

In this way, you can find out which exhibits were on display for our launch in 2019, which exciting events took place – whether online, on-site in the Forum or both – and which exhibits visitors were able to explore in the Lab. By means of directly integrated streams, recordings and trailers for exhibits, you can re-live our events from the comfort of your own sofa or learn more about selected objects.

Of course, the digital archive will be continuously updated, so it’s always worth a visit!