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What is Futurium for you?

When you think of the future, what questions, expectations and feelings come to mind? Whether the future fills you with the joy of anticipation or leaves you with thousands of questions yet to be answered, Futurium is the right place for you.

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We are ...

... here for everyone – (almost) all of the time:

admission to Futurium is free of charge and, apart from Tuesdays, we’re open for you every day of the week. Future happens even on bank holidays!

... your crystal ball:

even though we’ve got to admit we’re a bit too edgy for that. But in our five corners you’ll also find quite a bit: 3,500 square metres of exhibition space, for example. Look around!

... lab investigators:

what’s the next big thing? Which invention might be just a stone’s throw away? Or which of your ideas would you like to try out for yourself? At Futurium, we keep very close to future-makers. Meet them. Join in at the Futurium Lab!

... mediators between the generations:

the future concerns us all. While adults may already have more concrete notions about it, children tend to come up with quite crazy ideas about what’s to come. At Futurium, we bring together your visions and phantasies – with our family programme.

... enablers of time-travel:

if you want to be fit for the future, you’ve got to be able to imagine it. Questions about the future are complex – and for many things we don’t yet have any answers. Tools such as our Future Boxes, online tutorials or workshops can help.

... preservers of habitats:

the Earth is struggling to delay climate change. But there are simple solutions as well as creative ones. At Futurium, you’ll discover how we can preserve our planet – working with nature for nature!

... cheerleaders for the future:

we all know the “everything-was-better-in-the-old-days” blues. At Futurium, we’ll show you many good reasons to look forward to the future. Ultimately, it lies in your own hands – become futurologists yourselves!

... experts on the unexplored:

the Internet connects us with people all over the world. Are you as excited as we are about the forms of encounters that will be possible in the future? Follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels!