New digital platform enables modern teaching

Shaping Futures – Digital Education Platform

Futurium’s new educational platform “Shaping Futures” enables you to up-to-date teaching with the help of digital tools. Dive into future scenarios for topics such as cities, work, mobility, democracy, health and energy. Pupils and teachers are invited to develop ideas for the future, create visions together or bring their own projects to life.

– Currently only in German –


The focus is on future scenarios for topics such as cities, work, mobility, democracy, health and energy. What all the scenarios have in common is that the users themselves can play a part in shaping them. In online workshops or tutorials, users can have a go at developing solutions to local or global challenges. The offerings are based on scientific futures studies, education for sustainable development and design thinking.

The education platform uses various digital tools: short video sequences allow viewers to experience the content and exercises step by step. The options for downloading enable the direct use of work templates in the classroom. The methods combine exercises to get things going and for joint reflection. Different methods are compiled in collections.

Workshops and tutorials are also suitable for self-learning. In the online workshop “Environment of the Future – senseBox”, for instance, users learn what data actually is and how to collect and interpret it. In their own projects, they can then use the JavaScript programming language to visualise live data. The method “Object of the Future” enables pupils to slip into the role of futures designer and to playfully create their own objects of the future.

The content’s modular structure allows versatile use of the material in the classroom or in adult education. Via a library interface, the digital learning sessions can be filtered according to individual interests and needs – such as time frame, type of device used and topic.

Dr Stefan Brandt, Director of Futurium, says: “In Germany, we often complain about deficits in digitalisation, especially in the area of education. However, it’s not enough merely to analyse the current situation: we’ve really got to take action now. Through our new digital education platform, we want to make a concrete contribution in this regard. The future is an open space of possibilities – we ourselves can play a part in shaping it through our thoughts and actions. Futurium’s diverse offerings in digital learning aim to support children, young people and adults in engaging themselves with unresolved questions of the future and with options for shaping it. The modularity within our area of digital education also enables us to respond flexibly to new challenges and to develop the content continuously.”

The offerings on the educational platform can also be used in combination with Futurium’s Future Boxes. The latter consist of a total of six different sets of cards together with methodical instructions for creating scenarios of the future. The Future Boxes and the associated teaching materials are available both in printed form and digitally.

The offerings on the education platform will be expanded over time. New topics and formats will be added continuously – so it’s always worthwhile visiting again!