Futurium Machbar 200920 David von Becker 0345


MOSAiC expedition members report about a year in the ice

A day in the Arctic

The scientists of the research vessel Polarstern took us on a full day trip to the eternal ice and told us about their experiments and international cooperation. They gave insights into their research and into life on the ice floe.

Futurium Machbar 200920 David von Becker 0345

Futurium visitors have heard stories of unexpected natural phenomena, polar bears in camp, light and darkness and of course the adventure of Arctic exploration. Here are some impressions of the day:

In September 2019, the research icebreaker set sail, got frozen to an ice floe and drifted like this in the Arctic Ocean for a year. On board, scientists from 20 countries conducted research and gathered knowledge about the epicenter of global warming.

🎥 Who could not live locally the experiences of the researchers inside listen, finds in our Youtube playlist recordings of the exciting contributions.

The review of the mammoth expedition is an autumn highlight in cooperation with the Alfred Wegener Institute and the Helmholtz Association.