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Press Release 02.05.2022

Futurium Project Lands University of Münster’s Transfer Prize 2020/2021

The University of Münster has awarded its Transfer Prize 2020/2021 to the project “senseBox and openSenseMap – Citizen Science and Digital Education” headed by Dr Thomas Bartoschek from the Institute of Geoinformatics at WWU Münster in cooperation with Futurium Berlin.

Futurium Lab

Photo: David von Becker

The award will be presented at a ceremony in Münster on 31 May 2022. Futurium Director Dr Stefan Brandt together with his colleague Stefanie Holzheu from the Education and Participation section will be representing Futurium at the event.

The prize is awarded to members of the WWU Münster for successful cooperation with partners in non-university contexts. Dr Thomas Bartoschek from WWU Münster’s Institute of Geoinformatics will be honoured as the award winner.

Since 2018, Futurium has been cooperating with Dr Thomas Bartoschek to integrate the senseBox and openSenseMap into both the Futurium Lab and the House of Futures’ educational offerings. During this time, 50 citizen scientists from Berlin have built and programmed their own senseBoxes in workshops at Futurium and gone on to operate these devices from their own homes. The environmental data measured in this way are transmitted live to an interactive exhibit in the Futurium Lab, where they are made visual.

The project is a shining example of the transfer of knowledge from science to practical application in the real world. The senseBox and openSenseMap promote the participation of ordinary citizens according to the concept of “open science”. Taken together, these approaches are particularly well suited for communicating research findings on climate issues. The next stage of the project has already seen senseBoxes being developed for use on bicycles, and the results will likewise be put on display in the Futurium Lab.

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