Who and what makes the city?

Politicians, planners, companies or citizens: Who will be the citymakers of the 21st century? How do they envision, develop and implement change in our cities? How much power does each of them hold? Or are there forces beyond our human control? How will climate change, digitization, migration and inequality impact on the way we plan, build and live in cities? What kind of struggles, conflicts, alliances and forms of cooperation emerge in the strife to transform cities? Where do we ultimately want to get to in the development and transformation of cities? And what kind of tradeoffs would need to be made?

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Events of the day


  • Stefan Brandt, Director Futurium

Urban Futures. Guided Exhibition Tour

  • Rosalina Babourkova, Research Associate, Futurium
  • Gabriele Zipf, Head of Exhibitions, Futurium

Urban Toolkits: Sensebox. Making-of

  • Thomas Bartoschek, Head of Project senseBox
  • Stefanie Holzheu, Futurium Lab Consultant

Urban Visions for the 21st century. Lightning talks and discussion

  • Ayona Datta, Professor of Human Geography, University College London
  • Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse, Urban Researcher, Consultant and Author
  • Andreas Luxa, Vice President Industry Affairs & Senior Principal Key Expert, Siemens Smart Infrastructure Business
  • Ashok Sridharan, former Mayor of Bonn / former President ICLEI

Host: Natasha Walker

Language: English