Free, multimedia audio guide enriches the exhibition tour at Futurium

Experience Futurium with our digital audio guide

With the new audio guide, your visit to Futurium will be even more multimedia-based in future: a guided tour presents the highlights of the exhibition in the Thinking Spaces Man, Technology and Nature as well as in the Lab. All you need is your smartphone. Let's go!

The first guided tour presents the highlights of the exhibition in the Human, Technology and Nature Thinking Spaces and in the Lab. In our 45-minute highlight tour, Nubi, the good spirit of Futurium, will guide you across three floors and past 22 stations. If you prefer to move through the exhibition or lab individually, you can use number markings and an interactive map to orientate yourself and select specific stations.

Using the free audio guide is very simple: all visitors need is their own smartphone or tablet to log into the Futurium's free Wi-Fi. Scanning the QR code in the foyer takes you directly to the web application that starts the audio guide. During the exhibition tour, you can of course use your own headphones or hold your smartphone to your ear as if you were making a phone call.

Nubi, the good spirit of Futurium, welcomes you right at the start of the highlight tour. With our new audio guide, you can explore the exhibition and lab in the Futurium on your own. Click on Nubi and let's get started!

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Dr Stefan Brandt, Director of Futurium, says: "It is important to us to supplement the Futurium visit with digital tools that have clear added value for the public. For those who want to deepen their exhibition experience, the new web-based audio guide is the right offer. This easy-to-use tool provides visitors with information on content and exhibits at the touch of a button. And with the help of the digital token, which has already been successfully introduced, they can then follow up on their Futurium visit at home or while travelling. Step by step, we are putting our Digital Futurium concept into practice."

No download or mobile data required

The audio guide's web application works like a conventional website and can be accessed via the Futurium's Wi-Fi. It is therefore not necessary to download an app or use mobile data. A simple menu allows you to customise various settings such as language, contrast and use of the interactive map. The audio guide includes a text transcription for people with hearing impairments.

A tour of the highlights of the exhibition and lab is currently available to visitors to the Futurium. New tours are already in the works and will be added in the coming year. An expansion of the barrier-free offerings and an audio tour for children are also being planned.