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Diagnosis: Urbanite

A lively togetherness, the freedom to be who you want to be and a wide range of opportunities for work, leisure and consumption – city life has a lot to offer and can do us good. But the density of the city also produces stress factors – exhaust fumes, noise and hectic pace, crowds, permanent stimuli and social stress – that can make us ill.

FUT Urbane Welten Keyvisual RZ 4 3 1
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And at the end of the day, many urbanites may even feel lonely at home. For one day we will devote ourselves to questions about our health and well-being in the city. How can city life make us sick? How can we research and analyze stress factors in the city? What do we need to stay mentally healthy and to feel well living in the city? And how do we design cities that promote well-being and health?

Events of the day

Stress and the city. Some findings

Urban Toolkits: Citizen Science App. Pre-Launch

Urban Wellbeing. Consultation-hour

Language: German

Host: Andrea Thilo