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There are many visions for the future – and it is our responsibility to negotiate and discuss them. Futurium is a space for considering these future topics from as many perspectives as possible. The fields of science and culture, politics and society come together here to share their views as equal partners. The venue offers a total of 5,000 square metres over three floors for events.

We are happy to make part of this space available to you for events on socially-relevant future topics. Whether for debates, panel discussions, congresses, conventions, lectures, conferences or workshops, Futurium is sure to have exactly the room you need for your event. Learning something new, questioning conventions, taking in new ideas and setting sail for the future with an open and positive view – that is what Futurium is all about. Sound like the perfect environment for your event? Why not find out more?

Our spaces

The Forum

Any event held in the Forum makes a big impression. 6 metre-high ceilings and 660 square metres of floor space give your ideas plenty of room. The overall space can be configured flexibly into 11 different sub-spaces with mobile partitions, adapting to your needs. The Forum can accommodate 50 to 500 attendees, who will appreciate the excellent technical facilities, the special atmosphere and the fully disabled-accessible venue for your event.

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Schnepp Renou

The Studio

The Studio is the Forum’s little sister, and features floor-length windows and state-of-the-art event technology. At 97 square metres, it is the perfect space for workshops, presentations, audio and video installations for up to 80 participants. The studio also offers modular space solutions with a mobile partition. The room can be divided into three individual space concepts, making events in the studio as flexible as you need them to be.

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David von Becker

The Skywalk

For anyone who wants to close their event with a unique perspective: With its unique panorama of the heart of Berlin, the Skywalk on the roof of Futurium creates a lasting impression. The Skywalk can be reached either on foot or by lift, and runs around the entire roof. It offers a 360° panoramic view of Berlin, and, like the Foyer, it is ideal for special receptions and closing events for max. 200 persons. The Skywalk can only be booked outside Futurium’s normal opening hours.

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Ali Ghandtschi

The Foyer

Events not only need space – they need breathing space. The foyer on the ground floor is perfect for this: Thanks to the open plan concept, it is perfect for encounters and exchanges as part of your event. The Foyer links both main entrances of Futurium and leads to the exhibition and event spaces. Your guests can find inspiration in the equally aesthetic and futuristic interior during receptions and closing events on the buildings middle level.

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Schnepp Renou

Further information

Futurium’s event spaces will be available for conceptually appropriate rentals from September 2019 on. Please sent rental inquiries by e-mail to

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