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International Digital event

UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit

From 8 to 12 December 2020, the High-Level Futures Literacy Summit will provide testimonials from around the world that being futures literate changes what people see and do. At Futurium, we too have set ourselves the same ambitious goal to help people develop visions of the future “that inspire hope and foster collaboration”. Guided by the question “How do we want to live?”, our primary concern is to introduce people to possible approaches to, and visions of, the future.

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Futurium at the Summit

8-12 December
Welcome to the Futurium Booth!

At our booth you will find some virtual tours through our exhibition and insights from our Lab, resources about us and our work, such as our educational material or the database of hopes, an interactive installation collecting hopes for the future all over the world.

Our team is available December 8, from 10:00 to 13:00 and December 9 15:00 to 18:00 (CET). We are looking forward to talk the futures literacy community and those who are interested in the future.

Live Event: 10 December // 14:00-15:30
Democratizing the Future. The role of museums in the co-creation of futures

Experiences and reflections from the Museum of Tomorrow and Futurium will explore ways in which museums can stimulate visions of the future with the public they serve. How might museums trigger visions of the future without colonizing it? How might they be agents for breaking out of societal bubbles and reaching those who are not part of the conversation? How can their spaces and programming spark new forms of activism? During a time that we perceive as a heightened moment of uncertainty regarding the immediate future, this panel will explore these and other questions so that museums can foster a wide-reaching and inclusive co-creation of futures.


  • Dr. Stefan Brandt, Executive Director, Futurium, Berlin
  • Dr. Gabriele Zipf, Head of Exhibitions, Futurium, Berlin
  • Luiz Alberto Oliveira, Chief Curator, Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro
  • Raul Corrêa-Smith, Content Director, MOTI New Planetary Narratives

Moderation: Alexandre Fernandes, Founding Director, MOTI New Planetary Narratives

Information: English // Via Zoom // Register here!

Live Event: 10 December // 16:00-16:30 (CET)
Q&A Education – Session on the educational material and projects in the Futurium Lab

In the Q&A session Dr Christian Engelbrecht talks about the educational materials and the workshop program of the Futurium. „Just do it“ – this could be the motto in our Lab. Children and young people try their hand at hardware hacking, creative coding or robot tinkering, under the guidance of digital experts. They playfully find solutions not only for technical and logical problems but also for ethical questions, and always in teams. In this way, the skills we promote are both digital and social, so that today’s school students become tomorrow’s responsible digital and future professionals.

Information: German/English // via Zoom // no registration required