Moving words collage

Lyric reading by Ahmad Katlesh and talk about mobility experiences in Syria, Jordan and Germany

Moving Words

Ahmad Katlesh is a man of words. The poet recites his texts in Arabic and accompanies them with music. The result is pure poetry for ears – even if you don't understand the language. This year, Katlesh published his first volume of poetry in German. At Futurium he reads from "Das Gedächtnis der Finger".



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  • Duration:45 minutes
Moving words collage

Katlesh grew up in Damascus. He lived in the Syrian capital until eight years ago. The longer he has been away from Syria, the more his memories fade. He captures them in his poetry. The image of the streets is an important motif. The movement that happens on these streets has a special meaning for Ahmad Katlesh - it reminds him of the people who walked these streets before him:

"Every day a street disappears from my mind, from Damascus, another white spot appears on my map. I close my eyes, walk through the memory of an old alley, reach the end, fall. Don't remember what was there, fall deeper, into another street. Damascus vertical."

He will recite several of his poems – also in Arabic – to the Futurium audience. Katlesh also wants to talk about the paths he took on his journey to the Jordanian border while fleeing the Assad regime and what influence this experience has had on his work.

The journalist has founded the online platform Tiklam (Arabic for "many good sayings") and wants other Arabic-speaking authors to be heard. "I want to bring literature to the people, show what the new poets are writing.

Our Guest

  • Ahmad Katlesh, author and journalist


  • Ninia LaGrande, author and presenter


  • Venue: Forum I + II
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