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About New Forms of Living – Lecture Performance and Discussion

The Shared Flat of the Future

Would we rather live on our own or together with others under one roof? In many large cities, the number of single-person households is rising; in Berlin they already make up 50% of all households.
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  • Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes
Andrew neel fkalry O4d UI unsplash

Photo: Andrew Neel/Unsplash

The demand for smaller flats suitable for one person is constantly rising. But we still need to have other people around us: family, friends, acquaintances or neighbours support us in our everyday lives, providing a feeling of emotional security and sharing our joys and sorrows. Only by living together can we strengthen social cohesion. At the same time, our needs are changing – and not just because we’re living longer.

How in the future can we reconcile these conflicting needs for privacy and community? Who will be living with whom, for how long and under what circumstances? What will our homes look like in the future? And what resources do we need in this regard?


Venue: Forum