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Press Release 9 January 2020

Kicking off 2020 with a programme of events on ‘The future of work and business’

Futurium is starting the new decade with a programme of events on the topic ‘The future of work and business’. The year 2019 was a positive success for us: since its opening on 5 September, the house of futures has attracted around 340,000 visitors.

Vr labor

The future of work and business

The average person in Germany has a working life of 38 years. There is hardly any other activity that takes up more space in our lives. However, what we call work is constantly changing. Today, many of the professions known to our grandparents and great-grandparents have ceased to exist. Each and every year, new economic sectors are being created, opening up new areas of potential for society. This is frightening for a lot of people. At the same time, this rapid change has also shown that the future is shapeable. At Futurium, we are dedicating the first quarter of 2020 to the future of work and business. How can work become fairer, more sustainable and more humane? And which principles should guide our ways of doing business?

Futurium is inviting its visitors to find out how we would like to work in the future – and to what purpose. To this end, it will be offering a varied programme of events in addition to the large exhibition and the Futurium Lab. One of the highlights will be the festival from 26 to 29 March devoted to the theme ‘Work in progress...’.

Visitor numbers in 2019

The house of futures would like to encourage its visitors to deal with the question: “How do we want to live?“ What is on offer at Futurium is generating a tremendous response: since its opening on 5 September 2019, Futurium has already attracted around 340,000 visitors.

Dr Stefan Brandt, the Director of Futurium, says: “After the wonderful start, which wildly exceeded our expectations across the board – and not only in terms of visitor numbers – we are now turning our attention to creating new content. In each quarter of 2020, we will be focussing on a different future-related topic, with the latter being addressed in each of the three pillars of our approach, namely in our exhibition, Lab and events programme. We’re going to start with the future of work – a topic of special relevance in times of the digital revolution. At the same time, we’ll be devoting the entire year to the further serious challenges to our future: that means we’ll be dealing with the fight against the climate crisis as well as the shift in resources towards a bio-economy characterised by reuse and recycling.”

Here are all events online and on Facebook.