FUT Dating Democracy Storyboard 4 3 RZ

Credits: TaTrung

25 May // 18:30: A panel discussion on the future viability of our form of government

Embracing the future: How far ahead can democracy think?

We are having a date with the democracy of tomorrow: In the second part of the talk series, we will discuss together with our experts and you about future-oriented politics and its horizons of action for thinking far ahead.

FUT Dating Democracy Storyboard 4 3 RZ

Credits: TaTrung

Democracies are characterized by the fact that power is only granted for a limited period of time and is formed in new constellations in certain cycles. In Germany, therefore, elections take place every four to five years. This means that political agendas alternate and priorities shift. This change of course is a primordial democratic principle.

But if the challenges of the future remain the same regardless of legislative periods, how can it be guaranteed that they will remain on the agenda and not only be addressed when it is almost too late? So, how can we succeed in anchoring future viability? We ask our guests what sustainability actually is and what values guide us in making decisions about the future. We talk about concrete ideas for making politics more future-oriented and focusing on more long-term horizons for action. And we go one step further and ask: What could the representation of future generations and even the participation of non-human beings in the political system look like? Or is that already thinking too far ahead?

Our guests

  • Sophie Howe, Sustainability Futures and Wellbeing Adviser and the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales (2016-2023)
  • Nejma Tamoudi, political scientist at the Munich School of Philosophy with a research focus on the representation of future generations. Editor of the German book “Politics of the future. Future generations as a void in democracy” (2020). Videointerview on this topic
  • Karena Kalmbach, environmental and technological history expert and head of strategy and content at Futurium, The House of Futures in Berlin.

Das Futurium Restaurant hat an diesem Abend länger geöffnet (bis 22 Uhr). Hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit, euch bei einem Getränk weiter auszutauschen.


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